Quality eggs

About Agro Logic

Agro Logic is a producer and a wholesale distributor of eggs. Our farm has a capacity of 100 000 laying hens.

Our mission. To produce and distribute high quality farm fresh eggs.

Our target. To be a leading and trustworthy egg supplier, aiming at high quality, fast delivery and loyalty to customers.

Our values are based on mutual respect, partnership and professionalism in the business.

We are honest and respectful to our employees, customers, suppliers and competitors and we expect to get the same in return.

We strive to respond to our customers’ needs by optimizing the production and implementing innovations and technologies in the business, improving the quality of our eggs and the delivery time of the goods we distribute.

Special care for our laying hens
Our business depends on the special care we provide to the our birds. Therefore we pay special attention to our layers, ensuring an accurate climate in the barns and supplying them with clean fresh water and highly nutritious feed. We know that healthy hens lay high quality eggs and have superior production numbers.

We invest in the future
We base our decisions on profound analysis of information, experience and research. We are provident in spending our company’s resources to provide a stable and secure development in the future:

  • we promote a healthy diet, producing and supplying high quality wholesome food
  • we contribute to the economic growth of poultry and agriculture
  • we create new jobs and provide long-term labour
  • we encourage the humane treatment of animals